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Varietals Pinot Noir
Acreage 14 acres for Bergström
140 acres total planted
Elevation 350 - 400 Feet


The mighty Shea Vineyard is perhaps Oregon’s best-known vineyard site due to the fact that Dick and Deirdre Shea have been selling Pinot Noir fruit to some of America’s most highly acclaimed winemakers for the past 25 years. This 140-acre, mountainside vineyard located in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA is comprised of two different hills that rise several hundred feet in elevation, separated by a steep ravine. Of the 22 wineries in America who purchase Shea Vineyard fruit, Bergström Wines is the vineyard’s largest client, with 10% of the site under long-term commitment. Currently, we work with 14 acres of vines at Shea Vineyard that are divided up into 5 distinct clonal blocks, all on the East Hill.

Block 5 is the highest in elevation and is planted to Dijon Pinot Noir 777. Blocks 9 and 19 are two Wädenswil-clone blocks, which sit in the middle and at the base of the vineyard. Block 16 is an old Pommard block, which sits at the base of the vineyard. Finally, the Oak Block is planted to Dijon Pinot Noir 115, and surrounds Shea Wine Cellars’ winery building. Together, these five distinct microclimates within Shea Vineyard make up our annual offering from this great terroir.

Shea Vineyard sits on ancient marine seabeds that were uplifted millions of years ago by volcanic activity. Unlike the Silice and Le Pré Du Col Vineyards (which lie only one to two miles east), Shea Vineyard has very thin soils with sandstone bedrock lying just inches from the surface in some areas. Here, the grapevines struggle each year to force their roots into the mother rock in search of moisture and minerals. For this reason, Shea Vineyard wines are rich with minerality, well structured and full of force. Because of Shea Vineyard’s low altitude, it is a very warm microclimate for the Willamette Valley, and its grapes have the opportunity to achieve full physiological maturity each and every vintage—another reason why wines from this site are consistently the most dense, structured and full-bodied of all of the Bergström Wines.

Each year, we bottle our Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir first to capture its youthful fruit character and show off its boisterous nature. We recommend you drink our Bergström Wines Shea Vineyard offerings within 8 years of the vintage date on the bottle.